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released November 20, 2015

Pariah Liner Notes

Produced by Hemorage and Joel Gimble
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Joel Gimble

All the songs are recorded at East Bay Recorders in Berkeley, CA except Pariah, SBD and Never Forget is recorded at Type Foundry Studios Portland, OR

Artwork Concept by Hemorage
Album Art by Bona Pak
Album Design by Jon Orc

Packaging by Savage People

Comic Book Design by Bona Pak
Comic Book Story by Jon Orc

Hemorage is:
Jon Orc-Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Bona Pak-Backing Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Humberto Escobar-Vocals/Drums

All music written by the Hemorage Boys!
All lyrics are written by Jon Orc except Fuck It and Hemorage Blessing written by Luis Delamora




all rights reserved


Hemorage San Francisco, California

Hemorage was formed in 2007 by a group of friends at a high school in San Francisco, California. Members of Hemorage are Jon on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Toby on Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals and Beto on Drums. From different countries (Philippines, Cambodia, Guatemala), each were brought together by their musical interests and has persisted since then. ... more

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Track Name: Stay Away
Stay Away

I will destroy you
Don’t come near me
You can never stop me
I am insane
Sick in to the brain
Stay away from me
I have no heart
Have no mercy
Can you please just kill me

My fear is me
My insecurity
I’m my enemy

I will kill you
I will break you
Don’t come near me
I’m a monster
I’m a beast
You can never change me
My touch
My kiss
Will break you apart
Track Name: For Your Life
For Your Life

I risen from this hell
That you shot me down to Suffered and tortured from
All the things you have done I’m a prisoner of hate
For far too long
And now the beast is unleashed Hungry and thirsty


This rage in my brain
Gave me a lot of pain
Now it’s to speak it out
To scream and shout it out
I’ve been through so much shit in my life You don’t know what they are Forgiveness doesn’t mean a thing to me

I’ve been used and abused
Over and over again
Day by day I have suffer and tortured by you I’m a prisoner of hate for far too long
And now the beast is unleashed from this hate
Track Name: Fuck It
Fuck It

Too much weed and beer I took in When do I plan to die?
I’ve encounter death one to many times And I still don’t see how
My life is like what comes out your ass Everyone seemed to see it better
Why am I so negative towards myself? I feel like I’m 6 feet under

Fuck It
(I’m killing it) FUCK IT
(I’m killing it)FUCK IT

(I’m killing it)
I’m killing this fuckin’ booze/joint

How many times must I run away? From my fears and problems
I tried to save my own life
But every time I seemed to fail Doctors tell me to quit all the time It’s easy for them to say
A true disaster is what I see in me I’m a fuckin waste of life

The weed kills my brain cells inside But I have a ton of those
The booze quenches my throat Jager is the booze I drink
I was peer pressured into this shit
I could’ve been a better man
But my life is good and I love it
I don’t want to change at all
Track Name: Pariah

I am who I am
I don’t give a damn if you care
I don’t care what you think of me I don’t take you seriously
Cause your vision
Of perfection
Is just your

Snap back into reality
Open your eyes and you’ll see me
They hate me because I’m different
I hate them all because they are all the same

I am who I am
I don’t give a damn if you care
I don’t care what you think of me I don’t take you seriously
Cause I will
Never be
Something you
Want me to be

This is who I am
I don’t give a damn if you care
I don’t care what you think of me I don’t take you seriously
So reject me
Or accept me
I don’t give
A flying fuck
Track Name: SBD
SBD(Silent But Deadly)

We’re not like any of you
We’re the ones you don’t wanna fuck with
We’re the ones you don’t wanna face
The silent but the deadly
Hell we bring you
We’ll put you through
The silent but the deadly

They think we’re the weak willed
They think we’re the first ones to be killed
They think we’re the weakest
The silent but the deadly

Silent! Deadly!

We will kill any of you
Have no mercy on you
Genocide and extinction
Suicide your solution
The silent but the deadly
Hell we bring you
We’ll put you through
The silent but the deadly

You are the prey
Pray for your life
Life ends you die
Die by my hands
Hands filled with blood
Blood spilled killed you
Track Name: Begging For Mercy
Begging For Mercy

I uphold the state of mind
Can’t kill the same as mine
They are a rock under my tower
No limits of my power
I’m a monster can’t you see
With my revenge they complete me
I don’t believe in god they call me unholy
I’m make sure this bully die slowly

Not aware their life will fade away
They are not worthy of my blade
Drawing on from my passion
I am over power
Not aware their life will fade away
They are not worthy of my blade
That’s why they die begging
On their knees like fucking cowards

Their voices falls on deaf ears so fast
Can’t hear but chuckle and laugh
They hears a perfect beat
Not worthy to kiss my feet
Bow down bully die like a bitch
Not worth a grave not even a ditch
Left for the raccoons and worms and storks
Honor him with a piss on his corpse
Track Name: Domination

Step back or else I will attack
I’ve heard it, I’ve seen it, I’m done of dealing with it
The bull shit that you say don’t make sense to me
Keep doing it behind my back you fuckin pussy
Are you scared to fuckin face me?
Get your allies and try to brake me
But you fail and you fail and you fail once again
Here I stand I’ll fuckin destroy you


You run your mouth I will knock you out
I won’t hold back I will beat you down
So fuck you and you and you too
Here I stand I’ll fuckin destroy you

You can’t destroy what you’ve never created!
Track Name: Hemorage Blessing
Hemorage Blessing

Broken bones, bloody face
Fuck with me that’s what you get
Knowing I’m not the one to mess with All you'll see is

Run your mouth
And see what you get I’m a ticking bomb
Bout to blow in your face
No one respects you
Cause no one likes you
Show me the balls between your legs
Show me the best you get with those fists
Hope you have insurance cause I aint payin’ shit

I am the monster that you fear
Tearing you veins and guts down inside
You’ll never know when you gonna die
You better know who the fuck you fuck with
The day you decide to fuck with me
Is the day you feel worst I the world
No one to run to no one to hide
No one to kiss ass to save you life

Cut the bullshit this has came to an end
You apologies don’t mean shit now
Only one of us walks away
So what’s your hesitation for?
I caught you with your lying games
You should’ve known what you lookin’ for
Track Name: Reconstruction From Self-Destructon
Reconstruction From Self-Destruction

The time is now for us to rise again
Resurrect the corpse of the fallen
Strength through vengeance to all descendents Reconstruction from self-destruction

The broken, the beaten
The lost and forgotten
This is not bitter end
We will rise once again

The past is passed and we are born again
Pick up the pieces of what has fallen
Destroy what threatens as we ascend Reconstruction from self-destruction
All the scars and wounds you see
Bruises and pain and agony I
am not a tragedy
I will rise again
Track Name: Never Forget
Never Forget

I will be never forget
I will never regret
All the things I've done
What I've been through the road
I will always remember
What we did together
You will always be
A true friend to me

Memories will always last
But seeing you this is the last
Farewell to you my friend
I will meet you in the end again

It's so hard to move on
You gonna stay strong
This emptiness inside
This pain I cannot hide
For what ever reason
Its just the change of season
You gonna hold on
And nothing else will go wrong

It's so hard to move one
When you're all alone
And emptiness inside
I wish I can turn back the time
To hold you once again
And tell you I love you